Marriage Proposal #1

Marriage Proposal #1

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refreshers-2-250x262All I ever hear is, “Once a woman hits her late thirties, all she thinks about is marriage!”  I wouldn’t consider myself desperate, but the thought does cross my mind. However, the world is lying to themselves if they think women are the only ones who think about it more and more as they hit their late thirties. I know this because men talk to me about it all the time. Or, better yet, men ask me to marry them on a weekly basis. Just ask the guy I met at Starbucks yesterday! I was standing behind him as he was ordering and then he turned to me and started chatting.

Guy- I didn’t mean to hold up the coffee line there.

Me- It’s no problem.

Guy- So you’re headed to the gym.

Me- Well kind of, I work at a gym.

Guy- Oh you’re a trainer, I can tell. You must do fitness modeling.

Me- Me? Oh no, not me!

(It’s important to note here- he was actually my age and very good looking- so I actually feel myself blushing and smiling)

Guy- Why not?! You certainly have the body for it!

Me- Well thank you, but no. I am Italian. I eat pizza and pasta. No fitness modeling here.

Guy- You should, you are probably smoking hot in a bikini.

(And here was the key moment where I snapped out of it and think to myself- oh this slick motherfu$&@r)

Me- Oh you sneaky bastard! You almost got me!

Guy- (He starts laughing) What, I am serious! Are you single? Come get in a bikini with me!

Me- I’d rather eat pizza. (I walk away and then turn back) And stop having them put fruit in your iced tea, it makes you look like a pussy!

Guy (yells) Will you marry me?

Onward and upward…still minus 1!

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  1. this just proves that sometimes dudes like a gal to yell at them.

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