Marriage Proposal #3

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I just met Madea’s twin at Whole Foods in the checkout line. She looked in my little basket.

Madea- Look at that piece of chocolate. There must be lots of calories in that.

Me- It’s Sunday. Who cares about calories?

Madea- Hell with that figure you got, you don’t need to worry about calories on any day of the week!

Me- Well not exactly, but thank you.

(Madea picks up the wine in my basket)

Madea- Is this sweet? I like sweet red wine!

Me- (Not thinking before I open my mouth) Then you should get the ménage trois. That’s the best.

(Medea lets out a Madea laugh at the top of her lungs)

Madea- Well I would like to try that just because of the name sister!

(There was a silent pause as she strokes the wine bottle)

Madea- Maybe you want to come over with me and my boyfriend to have some? I bet by the end of the night he will want to marry both of us!

(I gently take back the wine bottle and pat her on the shoulder)

Me- I bet…him and every other man in America!

Onward and upward…without the ménage trois…for today at least…!


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