Marriage Proposal #5

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This morning I was in the coffee shop with a man, probably 45, dressed in a nice black suit and his elderly mother. She asked how his day was going.

Son- I am looking for a 3-carat diamond for my client. His fiancé cracked hers.

His mother had a sweet soft voice like my mother’s.

His Mom- Why do these young girls insist on having such big rings these days? All I wear is my gold band and I’ve never had any issues with the ring or my marriage.

Son- You’re a special kind of woman mom.

His Mom- Makes no sense. They get cloudy.

Her comment made me lift my eyes away from my phone.

Me- Why would a diamond get cloudy?

Son- Well they are just dirty really. It’s because fit women such as yourself wear them while they run. Just make sure you take yours off.

Me- Oh, I don’t have one, but thanks for the heads-up.

His Mom- Oh, you’re such a nice pretty girl. (Gives her son the mom eyes and elbow) You’re not married?

Me- No. I always tell my boyfriend I expect an enormous ring. Not because I am greedy, but because I am a commitment phobe and deep down I hope it scares him away.

Son- A woman like you? That’s not going to scare him away! He’ll get it for you trust me! And if he doesn’t than I will!!

His Mom- Yes! (Gives me the mom eyes and elbow) Finally! Marry him please!

We had a good laugh and as I walked over to grab my coffee the son said, “3 months salary! Don’t settle for anything less!”

Onward and upward…with an open heart, a big smile…and always remembering dogs…not diamonds….are this girl’s best friend!

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